Buying a Home in San Clemente

Finding and purchasing a home that will meet your needs is a significant and often stressful time. Our goal is to make this transition as smooth as possible. We are experts in the area, and once you chose us to represnt you as a buyer, finding your dream home is simple.

Take a look at how it works:

PRE-APPROVAL - It is imperative you know how much house you can afford before you begin your serach. Shopping for a home without a pre-approval letter is like going to the maill without your wallet. It just won't work! To avoid this, we will set you up with our preferred lender and begin the pre-approval process.

HOUSE HUNTING - When choosing us as your agent, we will enhance your home search by providing you with our proprietary home serach strategy. Our proven strategy enables us to find you your dream home by way of both on market and off market seraches. 

MAKE AN OFFER - Once you have found your dream home, it's time to make an offer. We will analyze recent sales in the community and determine the best price to offer the seller, dilligently negotiating to get you the most for your money!

ESCROW - After the seller has accepted your offer, the escrow process ensures the transfer of ownership goes smoothly. It protects both the buyers and sellers and ensures all provisions in the purchase agreement have been met. 

Searching for your dream home can be a time-consuming experience. Working with our professional team will make the process much more efficient!

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