Top Ocean View Neighborhoods in San Clemente | Best Neighborhoods in San Clemente

When I talk to people about moving to San Clemente they usually want one of two things - a home within walking distance to the beach or a home with an amazing ocean view.

When you start to consider where you want to be in the city, understanding exactly what you want in a home becomes crucial to your search. If ocean views are at the top of your list when finding a home in San Clemente, then this video is for you.

Here are my top three ocean-view neighborhoods in San Clemente:

#3 - Southeast San Clemente

#2 - Salvador Summit

#1 - The Hill

Tour Homes in The Hill Community, Part One -

Tour Homes in The Hill Community, Part Two -

Tour Homes in Southeast San Clemente -

If you have any questions about these communities or live in San Clemente and think I left your community out, drop a comment below.

I would love to help you find the right San Clemente community for your lifestyle - shoot me a text or schedule a call with me through this link,

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