Orange County Median Home Price | Housing Prices in Orange County

Have you heard the news? 

As of April this year, the median home price in Orange County reached $1 million, making it the first Southern California county to hit that price point. 

What’s driving the rapid increase in housing prices? 

1. Historically low inventory (00:49)

2. Properties were bought up by investors (01:15)

3. Low interest rates (01:29) 

How does this affect you? 

Higher interest rates are cooling off demand and housing is becoming a little more reasonable. As inventory increases, buyers have more options to choose from but have to stay on budget because of that higher payment. 

If you are a seller, we are, historically speaking, still dealing with very low supply - operating at 30% to 40% of what would normally be on the market. With buyers still searching for homes, it is still a great time to sell a home, but it is very important to price your home correctly. 

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