North Orange County vs. South Orange County | Living in Orange County

If you have your sights set on Orange County and you’re thinking about relocating to the area, I guarantee finding a spot to live is one of your top priorities.

I’ll tell you now, there are endless options to research and discover, and my goal is to make that research a little easier for you.

Orange County is broken up into two distinct regions, North and South, both of which offer vastly different lifestyles and amenities. So what exactly makes them different?

1. Beach Lifestyle (01:25)

2. Job Opportunities (02:00)

3. Things to Do (03:01)

4. Housing Prices (03:55)

5. Traffic and Tourism (05:18)

6. Scenery and Landscape (06:27)

If you have any questions about Orange County or moving to the area, please call or text me - (949) 620-6206. I would love to be a resource and help you find a place to call home.

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