Mistakes to AVOID When Selling Your Home | Home Selling Tips

Are you thinking about selling your San Clemente home? If so, I have some very important information that you’ll want to hear.

It pains me to see sellers make the same mistakes over and over again, especially when it’s all avoidable.

In this video, we go over the five biggest mistakes homeowners make before putting their property on the market. Be sure to stay until the very end as I am going to cover some bonus tips on how to pick the right agent to represent you.

5. Identifying and Tackling Fix-it Items (01:11)

4. Neglecting Buyers’ Emotional Triggers (02:32)

3. Failing to Optimize Online Presence (04:06)

2. Removing Clutter (05:31)

1. Rushing to Choose an Agent (06:50)

If you have any real estate needs or have had any thoughts of selling, shoot me a text - (949) 212-1433, or schedule a call with me through this link, https://calendly.com/ryanschramm.

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