Are There New Build Homes in San Clemente? | New Construction in San Clemente

Everyone loves a newly built home, and if you're moving to San Clemente, you may be wondering if there are any new builds available to purchase. While there currently aren't any "new build" communities in the city, there are a few ways to get a brand new home. Check out my video to find out how!


Ryan Schramm (00:00):

Everybody loves a newly built home, and if you're moving to San Clemente, you may be wondering if there even are any new builds. Stay tuned and find out.

Ryan Schramm (00:07):

Hey everybody, I'm Ryan Schramm. Thanks so much for watching. Today we're going to be talking about new construction homes in San Clemente. Are there even any out there? How do you find one? All of these are great questions. First off, there are no new master-planned communities in San Clemente. So unlike Irvine or Murrieta, you're not going to find the big new development home communities here in San Clemente. But, you still can get a new home - it just takes a little bit more patience. There are two ways to find a new construction property in San Clemente. First, you can try and find one off market. What ends up happening a lot of times is the properties that are being built new, they're under construction. The permitting process takes quite a long time, as does the actual construction process. All of that's going to be taking place before that home ever hits the market.

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So as a local realtor here in San Clemente, I know of a lot of developments that are taking place right now, for example, and these homes aren't going to hit the market for another six to 12 months. So that's one way that I can put new construction listings in front of you is by showing you stuff that's not even completed yet. Okay. So the second option, you can try and find a fixer-upper home - a home that needs, you know, a significant remodel or rehabilitation.

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And one of the ways that I can be helpful is by linking you up with a local contractor here, who knows the process of permitting, who knows San Clemente construction and new construction costs. And they can give you a really good idea of what it's going to look like to go through the process of doing a fixer-upper or even ground-up new construction.

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One of the things that has been super helpful to my clients is if you're looking at a property and you're thinking about purchasing it, and you can tell that it's going to need a big remodel, let's set up an appointment where the contractor meets us at the property. We do a walkthrough and they put some pen to paper as far as, hey, what is this going to cost me? I know some contractors that can whip out a spreadsheet within 24 hours for you, which gives you some real nuts and bolts as to what are the costs going to be to remodel this home.

Ryan Schramm (02:10):

So while the new build process is a little bit different in San Clemente, we'd love to be of service. If you have any questions about this, or you need references on who you should be working with, please reach out. Take care.


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