5 Things to Know BEFORE Investing in Orange County | Orange County Real Estate Investing Tips

With remote work here to stay and the rise in popularity of Airbnbs, ADUs, and tiny homes, it is imperative we discuss real estate investing opportunities in San Clemente and areas beyond.

Whether you are solely a real estate investor or someone thinking about moving to the area in the future, I am going to give you the top things you need to know about investing in real estate in South Orange County.

1. There is a high demand for all types of rental properties (01:25)

2. There are opportunities to “house hack” a property (01:52)

3. Not all neighborhoods allow short-term rentals (02:35)

4. Building an ADU or adding a tiny home has gotten easier (03:27)

5. Purchasing an investment property vs. purchasing a primary residence (04:19)

Bonus Tip: Beach city real estate appreciates at a much more rapid pace (04:42)

Purchasing an investment property may seem like a huge venture at first, but I guarantee if you plan to hold that investment, there really is no better way to invest than in real estate.

If you have any questions about these opportunities, drop a comment below or shoot me a text - (949) 620-6206.

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