10 Things to Know BEFORE Moving to San Clemente | Living in San Clemente

If you’re thinking about moving to San Clemente, or you’ve already made the leap, I am going to fill you in on some practical things you may not know or haven’t considered.

I wanted to share my knowledge as a homeowner with those who have just bought in San Clemente or are thinking about buying a home in San Clemente.

00:45 - Most communities have an HOA
01:36 - The nearest hospital is in Mission Viejo
01:57 - San Clemente does not have its own police department
02:16 - There are communities with Mello Roos taxes
02:25 - Some homes won’t have air conditioning
02:48 - There is a good amount of nightlife
03:13 - There are tons of things for kids to do
03:47 - There is decent public transportation
04:02 - Some parts of San Clemente are in a high fire hazard zone

04:39 - Different communities offer different lifestyles

If you have any questions about moving or living in San Clemente, schedule a call with me through this link, https://calendly.com/ryanschramm - I would love to answer any questions you may have!

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